Friday, January 15, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Hallelujah! It is Friday!!  Check out Jen at Conversion Diary for more!

1. As mentioned before , I began another chapter of my life. College student. Ok, so here is the low down on week one. College is kicking my butt. First off, I am being forced to take a computer class. My computer knowledge is on a strict need to know basis (mentioned before here), if I need to know it, I find it out. Now I will be forced to learn about spread sheets and Excel. That is a four letter word in this house.(a story for it's own day). I am also in a poetry class. If you have ever read my Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (if not and you need a good laugh go here, or here) post than you already know what my professor will soon find out. On the brighter side, I only have like 10 papers due every week, not to mention I still have two kids at home all day with me that need my attention, cooking, cleaning, and a marriage to attend to!! ok, deep breath, deep breath...

2. This is my new favorite thing. We bought them at Christmas and forgot about them. I know, they would have been handy for all those days we couldn't go outside, instead of now, when we can! They are great anyway, and clean off really easily. Be careful, they can stain clothing.

they are window crayons by Crayola!

3. I have been so worried about my Tyler lately. But good news is, he started back at school and seems refreshed. I hate that he had to leave our family (even if it is for school) to get refreshed. I wish I knew how to do that for him at home. Him and Isaac are best buds again and we are seeing some real progress in his attitude. Yeah!!

4. The temp around here has warmed up significantly and we have spent a lot of time outside. It's been great! Except the mud! Yuck! But I will take mud over -10 degrees any day!!

5.The Olympics are coming up. I love the Olympics.

6. Tyler was awarded the "Dog" award this week in school. Each month, there is a charectar quality that the school highlights. This month was Responsibility. He got this the same day he forgot his library book at home.

7. When he forgot his book, he went to Dan's room in tears. He couldn't check out new books until he turned in all his old ones. We found it, got it up there and he was ok. But in the mean time he started crying all over again in the hall because he "just can't stop thinking about my library book". Where did he get this perfectionist syndrome???? It was most definitely not from me! I am ultimately very glad he takes such things so seriously, but worry over his poor heart and stomach with such constant stress.


  1. We have the Crayola window markers. My kids love playing with them!

  2. Window markers! Sounds like something my kids would love!

  3. Oh I love the Olympics too! I always get teary-eyed when they get their medals and their national anthem plays. I'm a geek, I know!

  4. Window markers - what a neat idea! I need to check those out for the kids at school :). Oh, and I'm with Maggie on the teary-eyes when the national anthem plays.

  5. oh... no i understand the dog post on fb... and yay windowmarkers... have i told you your blog is adorable yet? because it is...


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