Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morning Thoughts

This morning I watched a video posted on CNN that was prefaced with a viewer discretion. I was confident I could handle the scene that was about to unfold before my eyes. But I was so very wrong. The "white noise" of people yelling, children crying, and the simple fear those voices conveyed was enough to give me nightmares, let alone what my sense of sight was taking in. There were arms and legs just dangling, hoping someone would see them and rescue them, people trying desperately to escape the cement sandwich they were trapped in, and loved ones picking up those they loved the most.

While I sat and watch this horror, from the comfort of my warm and furnished home, my two little ones are watching cartoon and eating apples, they are dressed in warm and clean clothes. They have never had to experience a true tragedy.

I am left feeling guilt, for I do not deserve to have all my good any more than the people of Haiti deserve this unexpected tragedy. And then I feel grateful. And finally, a feeling of urgency to help washes over me.

I did not link the video here, if you would like to watch it, it's at First video on the site.


  1. Yes, we must have been thinking on the same brain wave this morning :) Ah, it's so overwhelming, isn't it, the huge gap between others' suffering and our lives of comfort... Thanks for the encouragement you left on my blog; I definitely think prayer and giving and are in order.

  2. It's so hard to see people go through this. I haven't been watching much of the coverage. Cowardice, maybe? There's just so much devastation.

  3. It bothers me that they post those kinds of videos. It's not that we need to be shielded from those kinds of sights; I just think that they look for the most graphic, shocking sights, no matter whether it's exploitation of the people who are in desperate straits. And what does it accomplish? If it makes someone send a donation, well...okay, I guess. But personally I don't think you need to gawk in order to be touched by compassion.


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