Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free at Last!!

At last!! The sun was shining today! Not a cloud in sight. And this was not the pretend sun we saw today, you know the one that shines but doesn't actually warm anything up. This was the WARM sun!! It must have been almost 50 degrees outside!

After these years weeks of being forced to stay inside by mother nature herself, we let ourselves free this afternoon for a spring like romp through the muddy and still slightly snow covered yard. We giggled and ran and slid in the snow/mud, then giggled some more. It felt as if our winter blues had been warmed with the sun and were floating away like a balloon.

The trees stretched in the warmth of the sun, their branches reaching and begging for more. The birds all seemed to be talking at the same time,no doubt excited for the chance to get some food from the ground.Their wings spread wide, opening up to the sky as they soared high and low. As we ran through the grass, it even seemed to be singing a song of warm joy.

We came inside all breathless from our adventure, our lungs adjusting to such an extended period of fresh air intake, and settled with some books. We read and read, so much longer than before. Our minds had been refreshed and our souls had been freed. And we had just enjoyed the outdoors.Finally!!

Soon, Dan and Tyler will be home and the outdoors shall be enjoyed, again!!

Side note- there will be no pictures of this glorious event, I was way to busy chasing a Jedi!!

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  1. That sounds so fun! We had warm sun a couple of days ago, but were back to cooler and cloudy today.


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