Friday, January 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes

It's Friday!!!

1. It's 10:00 at night on Friday and I am just now getting to do this and read any of my blog updates. I think that says it all.

2. Just about five minutes ago my husband said this as he was coming into the kitchen for the uptenth time for me to tell or show him something- "I am going to invent an electric blanket that is pants. You know, I can put a pocket for your MP3 player." Yeah, that would be awesome.

3. Why would he need electric blanket pants- because it is FREEZING here. Really. The HIGH today was 8 degrees. The snow wasn't even melting when it hit my gloves.

4. Well, it's official. I am now a college student. I am struggling with the age thing right now. I am secretly intimidated by the youth that will occupy my undergrad classes. (not so secretly anymore since I just typed it here on the world wide web!!) But, my excitement out weighs my fear of the youth, so let's do this thing!!

5. My five year old threw a temper tantrum at grandmas this evening because he wanted her hamburger stew. She was sending the frozen bowl home with us to eat, by the way. When I reminded him of this, he calmed and was ready to go home and eat. I set the bowl of warm stew in from of him and he said "I don't want this". Direct quote. Frustrated momma. He ate it. Some of it. I loved it. Ate lots of it.

6. Did I mention it was cold here?? Dan and Tyler have not been able to go back from Christmas Break due to the snow and the fact that it isn't melting. Because it's cold. Did I mention that already??

7. I took this picture of the sunrise the day we were to have a very windy, cold, snow storm. I am amazed it turned out so well, I must brag!! I am so proud of it, I put it as our desk top wallpaper.

Have a great weekend and visit Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. Emily, that picture is GORGEOUS!! Brag heavily, brag often.

    And, Justin and I had a very serious and encouraging chat about me returning to college for a different degree...I'll keep you updated ;)

  2. That is a wonderful photo! I'm never awake to see sunrises! Don't be worried about younger people in your college classes. They are usually wrapped up in their own little world to notice what's going on around them!

  3. That picture is great! Way to go on getting back to college. I kind of miss the learning part. I don't miss the test part. I always remember the non-traditional students being so far ahead of the curve in classes. They intimidated me when I was in college, because they were so much more organized, and tended to not do the whole procrastinate/pull all nighters and stuff.

  4. That is a beautiful photo, congrats!

    Good luck with school!

  5. Great picture! I have to say that in my (small bit of) teaching experience that the non-traditional adult students are soo much better than the 18 year olds. And Maggie's right, they're so focused on themselves that you don't need to worry! You'll do great!


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