Thursday, January 7, 2010

What We Found At The Library

I love this button Lenae made! Isn't it cute?!

We have had an extended Christmas Vacation due to all the snow we have received. And since we live in the  Ozark Mountains, there are tons of small country gravel roads that are still snow covered (or so I hear, I haven't actually driven to them!). I will quickly admit that the snow is much prettier on the mountains here in our new town than it was when we lived in a larger city. I have yet to see hardly any "black snow" from trucks. There is some I am sure, but there is just so much more not reachable by truck it out weighs the other. Back to the task at hand...What We Found At The Library.

We have made two trips to our library during our extended vacation (see above) so this could get a little lengthy. We also recieved books as gifts this year! So with no more talk of the weather, here are our finds......

Christmas Morning, he got 7 books. He loves to read!

These are the books he got, He has finished two of them!

Tyler's Picks- Tyler loves Junie B. and all that she does. She is a kindergarten/first grader (depending on the series you choose) who is unafraid to speak her mind. You follow her through her life with her friends and enemies. It is absoulutly written just like a first grader would speak and think. She takes things literally and still sticks out her tongue at people she doesn't like. The series is super cute and Tyler loves it. I have even found myself reading them a time or two!! Stink is the little brother to Judy Moody. He gets into all kinds of mischief and makes all sorts of trouble for his big sister. The series, again, is very well written for the level of reader it's made for. I think it rates in the upper second grade. I think. Tyler is by far our advanced reader. I love that he loves books and enjoy reading to him and with him, although these days he would much rather read to himself!!

Isaac's picks- Isaac did not get any books for Christmas. He is our "do" kid. But, he does love the library and therefore we found some good stuff for him. He is fascinated with weather, storms in particular. This book is in 3 D and even though we didn't have 3 D glasses the pictures were still good. This is one of two weather books he checked out this past time. There is not a whole lot of value in the words, which is fine since his attraction to it was the pictures. Him and I are currently reading The Bailey School Kids series. Simply written, it gives us some of what we lack in our picture books.

Nick's picks- Nick recieved a Tag Junior for Christmas. The books are printed with a special ink that is readable by this small device the toddlers hold. It talks to them (you program it to say their name) and any where that they push on the page it tells them something. It might make the sound of the animal pictured or sing a little song about the illustrations. When they push it over the words, it reads the words to them. He seems to like it. He has gone to get it a few times and played on his own with it. There are only two buttons on the device-on/off switch and the volume( it only has two levels so they are not blasting their ears). You can connect it to your computer and download the codes for the books and the plug is inside the device-which I like, he is unable to stick anything in it! His favorite is the one pictured here- ABC. It's a book of animals going through the alphabet.

Momma's picks- I checked out Maya Angelou I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. I read this book in high school and had a sudden desire to re read it. I enjoy her descriptions of her childhood and the history she was able to see.

Daddy's picks- Dan is currently pre-reading The Shadow Children series for his classroom. This series is about a country where a family can only have two children. If a third child is born, they must be hidden or killed.  The main character is a thrid child and the series is about how he comes out of hiding and the trials he faces. I have only read the first one and part of the second one, so I am not sure how else to describe them!!

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  1. I was really hard on poor Junie B. Jones when Katherine first found this series and now I sort of regret my rush to judgement. Junie B. grows on you after awhile, I think. Maybe we'll try her out again in a few more years.

    Thanks for all the ideas!

  2. Wow! You guys had quite a book-filled break! Thank you for participating, Emily!

    I'm intrigued by the series Dan is sounds awful and fascinating at the same time. What grade level does he teach?

  3. He teaches 3rd. The Shadow Children are some where in the 5-7th grade he thinks, he reads them out loud. They are really good if you ever find them!

  4. I've been wondering if the Tag Junior would be a good buy, and it sounds like it just might be for my little guys! I've never read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, but probably should because it's such a renowned piece of literature. And I haven't heard of The Shadow Children, but they sound very interesting! Great post!

  5. I've heard the Junie B series is really cute. We just might have to give those a try! Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Does your library have Junie B. on discs? Those are awesome all of my kids love them....they are read by Lanna Quintal I believe. Its so fun to listen to, Michael and I even enjoy them.

  7. oh, I agree, Junie had to grow on bugged me that she might be teaching bad grammer, and Rylee never talked that way, so it seemed wrong to expose her to it, but I am smitten, I have to admit.

  8. I, too, took issue with Junie B. and the grammar. It just seemed wrong to allow my daughter to read a book where sub-standard English was the standard. My oldest is past this level, but my second daughter is quickly approaching...I'll have to see about revisiting it. I just couldn't see it growing on me...but maybe it would now. :)

    Great idea!


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