Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey with a side of pride cake, please

What a past few days we have had! I have to admit I have gotten very comfy in my new role and the joy of not having to leave my house. I have come to truly enjoy the slow pace and the time to let my two younger kids lead the days activities.  But these past four days have seem to be full of shopping lists. The taste of the old life came back in a flash. Kids packed in the van driving down the curvy highway to the next town. The thrill of seeing new things on store shelves with bright sale signs just begging me to buy. The rush of excitement as I walk through the isles, oohing and aahing over the cutest little clothes and shoes and organizational items.

The minute I step back into the van, I feel the tiredness and crankiness that follow a long day out with everyone. I suddenly remember why I needed a change. Why I had to rearange the inner workings of my brain. Being out so often and for such long periods of time is so hard on us. As a family. The lights are wearing on our eyes, the walking tiring to our bodies, the stocked shelves and brightly colored sale signs overwhelming to our brains.

 I still enjoy the occasional days of shopping with the humming of busy cities, but now I am thankful for the learned lesson of moderation I have discovered this late in life. I regret that it took so long and to be honest a bit ashamed at this lesson needing to be learned at my age. I suppose wisdom knows no age limits and I hope I will continue to be open to the leaning of more wisdom, even if it means I must swallow some very large bites of pride cake.


  1. I love the quiet life, too :) This is why I would always choose the countryside to a big city -- the hustle and bustle is too overwhelming. No fun. Enjoy your new relaxed frame of mind!

  2. I hear you! I get so overwhelmed when we're at the shops Chris just sort of leads me around by the hand and I trot along after him blindly. It's like I can't think when I'm surrounded by so much artificial light and color. It's fun to get out of the house and I always like *having* new things, but finding them is exhausting. So, in my estimation, your family held up pretty well!


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