Monday, November 30, 2009

Just another Manic Monday......

Monday is cleaning and laundry day. Exciting, I know. So, I did the usual and gave Nick a rag and he followed me around "dusting". Isaac gathered all the dirty clothes and put them in the laundry room. The day went very normal, until this afternoon. I needed to go to the DMV. I bet you know where this is headed. I would have thought the same thing, except that our town is MUCH smaller than the one we came from and I was sure there would be no line. I was wrong. So I decided to wait and go back after I picked up Tyler from school, thinking the line would have gone down a little (ok, hoping for a lot). I was wrong again. Not only did the line not go down, but the addition of another sibling had excited everyone.
We wait in the room with 10 other people where one woman (who is very friendly and efficcent) is doing the best she can. There is no actual line, because the building is just one room. You have to just keep track of who you came in after to know your place in line. Thankfully this place we live is full of friendly and understanding people.
Another lucky thing happened. One of my husband's students came in and kept my kids entertained while I did my buisness at the counter. The people were all kind and talked to my kids and helped me. I would have never expected this to happen in our old town. What a nice surprise and humbling experience for us. Usually in public I like to maintain the "mom in control" look (I do not always achieve this, but go down in flames trying!!) and it was somewhat difficult to let go of that and allow the kindness of others do the magic it can.
In the end, we survived, buisness was done, and we went home. A big smile and thank you from me to some friendly strangers and a very helpful little girl. Lesson learned, even in small towns people wait until the end of the month to go to the DMV!!!

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