Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving countdown......3, 2, and 1!!!

My overzealousness (is that a word??) about Thanksgiving has burned brightly and hot and is now just a memory in my head. You know the old saying, the road to nowhere is paved with good intentions. Ok, I admit that is not the real saying but that's the one I am going with today.
 But I am thankful. Very thankful. I am excited for what this holiday brings for my family and close friends. There is time off work and school to be together, decorating to do, turkey to be eaten, and games to be played. Of course we will at some point be involved in a battle to save the earth and all the people in it (my Isaac loves his pretend play!!). There will be parades to watch and family to call and laughter to be felt deep within our bellies. It will be a joyous time. In conclusion we are a grateful family for all the changes we have had this past year and all the joys we share together. So I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family, even if sometimes you don't get along!!  ;)

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