Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today in the world of boy...

This morning I was a mermaid. I was guiding a ship with a rouwdy pirate that speaks some unknown pirate language that requires grunts and screams instead of pronunciation. I was forced below the boat only to be pulled from a trap door at the back of the boat.
I was also a baker. A yummy smelling Apple Crisp filled the house. The pirate trailed behind me as I checked on our treat.
We discovered a "gamer" in our midst. Playing levels upon levels (and beating them all!) on a pirate ship. His skill at killing the hippo and cutting off heads was percise and at times in slow motion for my benefit. Thankfully, the pirate and I made it past the "gamer" to and from our ship in another room. We docked at a book island and took a break. We read our favorite stories of Diego and sang patty cake.
 But soon, our treat was done and we had to pass the "gamer" again to reach our oven. I braced for what might come flying at us as we passed. Luckily, the smell had attracted the "gamer"  and he too was standing at the oven for a peak. As we took it out they both wanted some, but it was to hot. Soon we would. And soon we did!! Some bites after lunch and save the rest for daddy and tyler. It's dessert tonight. Yum!!

Now all the battles have been won and I, the beautiful mermaid/baker am procrastinating a to do list while my cute little pirate and very creative gamer rest.

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