Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving countdown.....days 6,5, and 4

I have not given up on my quest to give Thanksgiving the recognition it deserves,just..streamlining. Or making up for my not posting by giving it some sort of professional sounding title (like "streamlining") that makes no sense.
A quick little recap of the past 4 to 6 months of my life. Work, move, work, stay home mom, lots of "free time" (or so I thought), over volunteer myself due to thoughts of abundance of free time. Good. All up to speed. SO, I got to busy and didn't blog as much as I thought I would. You know, with all my free time. I also have not ever had this much chance to spread my creative writing wings, I have to admit I am feeling tapped. I find that I am unsure of what to write about. Life just seems to be happening to fast these days to remember what happened so I can blog about it. And I also feel that maybe it becomes a bit boring to hear about my kids ALL the time. (of course I do not feel that way when I read other blogs with daily updates on kids, I laugh right along side of you as if we were best friends talking on the phone.) Maybe it's my story telling technique. Or maybe I am simply just not used to my world revolving day in and day out around the care of my kids. I admit I am struggling with the day to day care of them at home. Oh, I have always loved them and my world has always revolved around them, but there is something to be said about the difference of going to work and staying home. (and that something is a discussion for a different day!) I suppose it is a matter of changing that switch in your brain. I am not sure where that switch is. I have changed a couple, but that hasn't seemed to do the trick. I still seem very task oriented.
What does all this have to do with Thanksgiving?? I am thankful for the chance to get to experience both worlds in my life. Not many women have this chance, and while I don't always see it as an oppurtunity I most certainly am trying to. I know this time will soon pass and as always I am trying to hold it as long as I can. Isn't that what we do as mommies. Hold onto the present until it becomes the past. Then we have good memories and thankful hearts.
Thank you to all those amazing mommies out there who keep blogs daily about their kids and encourage one another. Your days give me hope that I can do it, and your experience gives me resources. Thank you.

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  1. Not only CAN you do this, you ARE doing this! I'm sure it's a huge adjustment, though, so give yourself some time to figure it out. Or maybe just settle for never quite figuring it out at all...that's what I think is happening to me :) I get all settled, and then something changes, so maybe it's better to never assume I have it all handled.

    Plus, I like hearing about other people's kids too! Write away, mama. This blog is more for you than anyone else anyway, right? Just write for yourself, whenever and however you get the chance. Sometimes if something memorable happens in the middle of a time when I can't get to the computer, I just jot a few notes in a notebook or even on a scrap of paper. My thoughts are fleeting, so I need to catch them on their first trip through my head or else I may never catch them again.

    Just know that I love reading your blog, no matter what it's about. I'm THANKFUL for blog friends :)


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