Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishing for a mid day do-over

It's only 11:15am here, but I already need this day to end. Surely, tomorrow will be better. I woke up late, completely forgetting that today was St.Patrick's day. My oldest son, who I am sure has some form of OCD, didn't wear green. I frantically call my husband to warn him of the impending meltdown. Tyler is presented with the choice of keeping his current shirt (with no green) or receiving a different one at lunch. He begins to cry, he hates being faced with a choice (is this ever going to pass?). We are on one car, the other is being fixed and it won't be done today, and oh, it needs something else done as well. Dan is set to leave tonight and normally I wouldn't fret about not having a car, except Isaac has preschool and groceries need to be bought. I made Isaac take a nap (not without his own meltdown) and Nick is also down. I should be picking up toys, folding clothes, working on homework, and cleaning lunch dishes. But instead, I am escaping it all for a moment of peace in an unreal world. Sometimes I wish it was acceptable to have a mommy temper tantrum.

update- the afternoon is better and spirits are on the rise! Whew! Thank goodness for naps!

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