Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google, The Mob, and Parenting.

Sometimes Dan and I are unsure of how to handle certain "phases" or situations that we, as parents, are faced with. Ok, deep breath. I know this is a shock, but the truth will set you free. Deep Breaths.....Ok. All better? Good.Let's move on.

Backtalk. This nasty mob boss has taken over our household on different occasions with both our older boys. So what do we do? We have questioned changes in their lives; are they attempting to exert independence, are they feeling constricted, are they stressing about something, or are they just good old fashioned spoiled brats? Our hope is that the last one can be left off the list. We are so intentional about our parenting, so hopefully that is not the case. But we only see from the inside.

Backtalk has brought along a few of it's mobster buddies named Sarcasm and Eye rolling and the newest, most bold member, the word No said in a very defiant way. My first experience of this word led me to believe aliens had come and infested my then four year old and taken his sweet soul hostage. He seemed to be just as surprised by it's outburst as I was. Apparently though, he enjoyed the sound of the word, letting it shoot out of his mouth on occasion. Each time, it was met with Barney Fife action. Nipped in the bud. So we thought. More recently, this member has become a regular occurrence and his mobster members seem to be gaining momentum. We consulted our regular sources, prayer,a few parenting books we like, and other parents. Then we turned to Google. It seems to be able to answer any other question I might have, why not this one. This suggestion was really Dan's though, and he typed in our quandary. The answers that came up were ones that we were currently using. Giving independence in appropriate times, encouraging nice words, holding him accountable, and so on. Now, we are still living with mobsters and Google has been no help. Back to the drawing board, and our old best friend, time.

It just goes to show, you can't parent by Google. To bad though, it sure would be handy!


  1. what? it's wrong to parent with google? drat.

  2. Hi Em! I just tried to send you an email about the writing group, but for some reason it wouldn't send to your address. I'm not sure why though. Will you send me an email at just to see if it works? Thanks!


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