Thursday, March 18, 2010

What we found at the library

My friend Sarah host this great book idea exchange! I haven't done it in a while, but I am back!! 

1. Nick's picks these days are Dora books. I don't have pictures because we have more than one. They are the board books and one is a book that goes with his Tag Jr. (which he loves). He opens the pages commenting on all the characters he can name, Dora, Boots, Map, Backpack. The illustrations are great for learning simple objects like flower, sun, animals, and colors. 

2. Isaac and I have been reading the Boxcar Children. I read this series as a child, and loved it. The characters are simple but have just enough depth to keep interest yet not to much to confuse you. There is a lot of dialogue which is great for my Isaac. I can always catch his attention when it wanders with some good dialogue. This one is a mystery, and it starts right from the start with the guessing. It has some historical aspects that are great to expose him to, but not enough to call it fact. The setting is the early 1900's and the kids lived in a boxcar until their grandfather (who happens to be very wealthy) discovers they are his and takes them in. They have naive candor, so it allows for some discovery which Isaac really likes. 

3. Tyler and I are reading the second Harry Potter. We had the chance to show him the first movie before we finished the book when the little ones were gone, so we skipped ahead to this book. He says he likes it better because it has more action so far. He likes to hear about Harry at Hogwarts and gets bored with the Dursley's (Harry's Aunt and Uncle he previously lived with). It's been a lot of fun reading this to him because I can practice my accent!! It's terrible, really, but there is just something really fun about reading a book out loud. 
Side Note: When we watched the first Harry Potter, Tyler told me that he didn't expect Hagrid to sound like he did in the movie! My accent must have been really bad!

We also read some shorter books, but the boys are really into these so I thought I would share them this week! Visit Sarah and join in!!!

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  1. You've got me thinking I need to re-read some Boxcar children! Thanks for linking up! Hopefully we'll have some more participants to snatch ideas from later :)


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