Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to our home...

I would like to introduce you to my family. We are superheroes. We each have our own special abilities, but those can change at any given time. As with any superhero, we crash landed here from other planets. We are a family, and we look out for each other.
There is the father figure, The Hulk at times, but mostly known as Thing from The Fantastic Four. We don't know yet which planet he comes from.
There is the mother figure. She can fly at super fast speeds. She loves flowers and color. She comes from the planet of Neptune.
The greatest duo of all time comes to us from the Sun. Their powers change as the situation calls. Usually Lava Boy (also known as Fire Ball Fire) has the power of fire with the occasional power of speed. He is Dash (from the Incredibles) and lightning mixed together. He can go "20 silent" miles per hour. That is very fast. The other half of that duo is much more flexible. He can be strong, have "guns" for arms, spit fire, and amazing speed. He goes by many aliases.
The smallest member of our super hero family, is Yoda. He speaks in gibberish, but has eyes that mean buisness, and he gets the job done. Whether he is swinging a light saber at an arch enemy or "playing" basketball, our little Yoda is always on the go.  He can be on top of the cabinets in a flash, or making sure we have throughly toddler proofed the house, our little Yoda is always thinking one step ahead of everyone else, ensuring the safety of all those who enter our home.

Our family is out there, every day, saving the world from the likes of dragons and ninjas. Don't worry all you princesses, we are coming to your rescue!


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