Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Boring 54

Ok, first off, I am so honored that anyone would really want to know one thing about me, let alone a list of 54!! But I am not one to deny joy from someone, so here goes....

1. I love music, listening to it live is my favorite. We live in a small rural area where people get together in the summer to "pick" and it's awesome. 

2. Speaking of music, I play the flute. Or did. From 6th grade until I graduated from High School. Not only did I love it, but I was good. (Excuse the bragging for a moment) 

3. I like to play the Wii and get easily addicted to games like "World Of Goo"

4. I also love to sing, out loud, and no, I am not gifted in that area. Must have been absent the day God handed out the ability to carry a tune.

5. I was also absent the day He handed out balance. I can't walk in a straight line sober, with my eyes open, and a tape line on the floor to follow. 

6. I hate potty training but like not buying diapers.A daily conundrum around here. 

7. It's no surprise I love to read. My favorite are fiction novels that suck you in and make you a fly on the wall. I prefer them to have very little language and very limited sex scenes. Really, most of us know what's going to happen when you head into the bedroom after a few glasses of wine, no need to spell it out for me.

8. I say the word 'like' far to much.

9. I am often to lazy to use the creative things while typing, such as italics, line through and bold. But I consider myself a creative person. So does that make me creatively lazy?

10. My husband and I began dating when I was 15 (only a month before my 16, so we weren't allowed to be official until then).

11. I like writing boring, technical stuff, like proposals and explication papers. 

12. I also like writing papers or essays that are meant to sway someone a certain way. 

13. Therefore, I enjoy marketing and tend to analyze the effectiveness of commercials. 

14. They work, there are two cans of Chef Boyaredee sitting in my cabnient right now, as opposed to the off brand because one of my kids wanted "Chef's".

15. I married my husband ten years ago this June. 

16. I wish I was witty.

17. I wanted five children, but reality hit me after the third. 

18. I like watching movies, but have to be in the right mood and that doesn't ever seem to happen. 

19. Each one of my boys has some significance to their middle names. My father in law, my husband, and my dad, respectively. 

20. When I sit down at the computer I find it very difficult to walk away.

21. I like to cook, but am not great at following the directions so sometimes things don't turn out well. I also don't know many of the great secrets everyone else seems to know....maybe I missed that day too.

22. I think I have a great sense of humor. But nobody has ever confirmed that. 

23. I attend church with three of the funnest couples I think live around here.  And all of our kids get along super well!!

24. My favorite channels are TLC (addicted to the Duggars), HGTV, and the History Channel. 

25. I would love to someday be a missionary, but am unsure if I would be up to the sacrifice. 

26. I hate doing laundry. HATE IT.

27. I am not fond of the dishes for that matter. 

28. I am a full time student with hopes of graduating next summer. (you might have already known this one)

29. Often times I misspell words so badly the spell check doesn't know what I mean. 

30. I like to camp, but don't like going outside by myself at night.  Is that an oxymoron?

31. I want to be as happy as my grandma when I am her age. And travel as much. 

32. We tend to walk around our house singing.

33. I pick my battles. Socks are negotiable, underwear is not. 

34. I like that we have racoons, skunks, and armadillos (check the profile pic) come into our yard and onto our deck. 

35. I love watching the birds at the bird feeder. 

36. We make laughter a priority in our house. But really, how can you not laugh when you live with these three boys!

37. I don't understand why sales people do not speak to me when I enter a store. Did I forget to take off my invisibility cloak?

38. I love purses and shoes. 

39. I like fun bracelets, but am not a necklace person. 

40. In High School my biggest fear was what other people were thinking about me, now, I'm not so sure they were even thinking about me at all. 

41. When we retire, Hubby and I  would like to travel for a full year in a RV. 

42. I wish I had a best friend where I live now.

43. I like to paint. Not art, but wood figures or walls. 

44. When I was younger I wanted to be an Interior Designer. 

45. I am not good at organization. There are lots of piles around my house. Therefore I buy tons of baskets and containers to hold the piles so they will appear to be there for a reason.

46. I love reading out loud to my kids. 

47. I married a technology lover, and I am not one.

48. I love love love taking pictures. I am better at nature than people.

49. My four favorite people are all male. 

50. I love to have pedicures. 

51. For Valentine's Day one year, my husband entered us in a contest where the local newscasters would come to your house and do the news show live from your house and watch your kids while you went to dinner. We won. And a camera man stayed to film footage of the night for the next show. 

52. I don't watch a ton of tv, but I love the DVR for when my brain needs a break.

53. I like older shows like MASH and The Andy Griffith Show.  I am also a Wheel Watcher!!

54. I moved once in my life before I was married. I have moved 4 times since being married.


  1. These were so good, Em! I laughed several times, out loud. Especially at the thinking you have a good sense of humor which has yet to be confirmed by anyone else. I have the same problem :) But if I think you're funny and you think I'm funny...that totally counts!!


    Oh, and the spellcheck one was hilarious too :)

  2. I agree with #45, and I love #53!! Your list is original and enjoyable to read!

  3. Amen to #5, I just ranted about how incredibly clumsy I am.
    #7 Seriously! Why spell it out when its so obvious!
    Started dating your hubby at 15? Awww, that is so cute!
    I misspell words just as badly. Don’t worry, sales people don’t talk to me either.
    Haha! I love your #40, and totally agree with #2. I moved 13 times as a child, and since getting married I have moved 3 times not counting our internship.

    Loved learning more about you! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this list too and am so glad you went ahead and posted it! I was surprised to see how much we have in common!

  5. I am so glad that I am not the only person who is not my grandparents that enjoys MASH! :) I also like the Cosby Show a lot, but only the earlier seasons.

  6. I'm with you on the bff close by. Mine all moved a few years ago and it sucks!


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