Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My 100th Post!!

It's my 100th post!!! 

I had the most witty, charming, and commentable post started for this special occasion, but I ran out of time (I haven't posted in almost a week trying to perfect this post).

I had thought of posting 100 things about me but when I sat down to do it, I only came up with 54. And they were not that interesting. 

So I will just say that I am so grateful to those that listen and give me their thoughts even when I am boring or make no sense. 

And here's to 100 more!!


  1. Congrats!!! Dontcha just love hitting those blog milestones? :D

  2. I wanna see the 54! :) You should post them anyways. Congratualtions on 100 posts!

  3. Congratulations Emily! I'd like to see the 54 things, too...humor us :)

  4. I agree about the 54! I enjoy your blog!! Keep posting. :-)


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