Friday, March 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes

I have fallen from my 7 quick takes lately, and I have missed them terribly!! This week, I am finally back!!


As mentioned, I have been spratically blogging these days. My time seems to be full of "other" things these days. I would like to say I that my accomplishments will be in print or can be measured, but honestly, they can't be. I have been getting things accomplished, but immeasurable things. Thus is life. 


My Tyler has joined the Chess Team. Remember, he is in first grade. He goes to the High School once a week and plays with the rest of the club. He has a friend that got him into it, and he LOVES it. 
I have rarely played. I think I might have even poked fun at the chess team in a younger (and more immature) age. It is pretty cute though. 


Tyler will also be in our county spelling bee. I think the words are hard. But, I am not one to ask! (click here) 


Isaac is reading. Yup. He turned five in October and for a while he has been wanting to learn to read like his big brother. So I started helping him learn how to sound out a word and such, then after a while, he picked it up and now can read simple phonetic words!! 


My baby is no longer a baby. He is a full fleged toddler with ideas of his own and independence to exert. Screams and fits are becoming more of a habit and even a few pieces of food have been thrown. As a third child, I don't see too many differences between the beginning of his twos and his brothers . There are more people around to get attention from and more people to get you what you want. Nick does seem to have a bit more of a temper than the other two....he pushes and hits when he gets angry. So wish us luck with our last meeting of the terrible twos (which don't seem as bad around here as our 4s)


Spring is coming. The sun is beginning to re apear after it's long hibernation  and we are ready!! There is so much to do in our new area that we missed out on in the fall due to moving busyness. 


This weekend will be warm around here, the bikes are ready to go, the play shoes are on, and the sunglasses positioned. Have a great weekend!!


  1. It's springy here today, too! (Imagine that :)) I'm so proud of your second reader, and first chess player! So big, they are. I'm hoping mine won't ever grow up like that...I'm planning on putting a stop to all the growing in a few more days. It's getting frustrating :)

  2. I am very impressed by your first grader playing chess. I still don't know how to play that game!


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