Friday, January 22, 2010

7 Quick Takes

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1. A funny little thing happened this week (funny to you, not so much to me). I was playing outside with the two little boys and this conversation started:

Hey momma, look, Tyler and I pooped outside. It's right here. 

Isaac, are you serious. Did you two really poop in the yard.

Yeah, see.

Sure enough, there was some poop right there in a hole they had dug in the fall under our deck.

Yuck, Isaac, that's gross. You go poop in our toilet, not in the yard. 

Later that night...

Hey Tyler, come here for a minute.


Did you and your brother poop in the yard.

Yeah. (sly smile)


We didn't want to come in and we had to go. 

Boy Logic 101 (I failed this course apparently)

Son, that is disgusting. We have a toilet, inside, that you use. Do not poop outside. (daddy had joined in at this point)

Yeah. No more. (I really put it to him, huh?)

What are you gonna do? It's already there, and honestly, I didn't look close enough to guess for how long either. Yuck.

 2. Quickly moving on....I have to say I am not a big fan of the month of January. It has something to do with coming off the busyness of the holiday followed by a month with no holidays to celebrate (I count New Years with Christmas, it all seems to flow together). I'm not saying I need a holiday every month to have something to do, but it is nice to have a theme to bake cookies or create something to. For whatever reason January is that yuck month, I find myself falling in to the "winter blues". It's cold outside (usually) and the pace of life seems to come to a sudden halt. Well, it's almost over! 

3. Like so many others I have been keeping up on Haiti. We have discussed with our kids (or what we think they can handle). We took them on Google Earth to show them how far away Haiti is. We try to help them understand that we can help even if we can't leave our small town to do it. But on my side of the table, I feel overwhelmed.

4. I had a friend, an old friend I haven't seen in years, post a question on his blog. He basically was asking how can there be a God that allows this to happen, he says that it could be prevented by one way and that one way chose not to prevent it. In a place so stricken by poverty already, this is simply a tragedy of all tragedies. I wish I knew what to say, I admit that I don't understand it, and I am not sure that I ever will. I still wonder what to say to those questioning God during this time, or to my kids who may one day have those same questions. For now I sit and wonder,what could I say that would be helpful and not hurtful.

5. As I am writing this, Nick has already fallen out of the dining room chair twice and climbed the couch to sit in the window sill. Oh, the toddler days are knocking on my door.

6. I usually opt to stray from politics here, but find that the most recent elections in Mass. were very interesting. A state so traditionally Democratic now has a Republican senator, voted for by the people of that state. According to CNN there are more registered independents than democrats and republicans combined. In this particular article there are several theories why this change occurred. Hmmm. I just think it's pretty interesting, no matter which party you belong to! (here is the link to the article I refer to)

7. Now Nick is crawling into the bottom cabinets over my bread maker, Isaac is running through the house growling like a monster, guess my time is up!


  1. 1. Yuck. But yes, funny...since it wasn't MY son in MY yard.

    And on 6...yeah it's interesting...I think you have to be kind of out of touch not to see the implications of it...I think most people are fed up with government in general.

  2. One time my sister and I made "poop" out of mud and put it on the porch rug and told my mom it was from the cat as a joke. My mom took us by surprise and totally believed us and yelled at the cat and shook the "poop" off of the rug. We were so embarrassed that she believed us!

  3. Boy logic is funny, but so frustrating sometimes! It lasts for a very long time, by the way, though I'm guessing they grow out of pooping in the yard very quickly. (And it was a very funny story for me).

    I have to admit that I don't hate January. I'm kind of over the storms that we have every little bit, but there's something of new beginnings to January that I really like. Granted, statistically speaking, those new beginnings rarely last past January, but that's another story!

  4. And I thank-you for today's reminder as to why I do not have children ;).

    And #6 (and along with what Michelle said) - I too think everyone is sick of government. And my biggest fear is that no one (Republican or Democrat) will be given the time it is going to take to straighten things out. We are such a 'I want what I want and I want it now' society that we aren't going to let someone have the time that is needed.

  5. I've been thinking alot about your friend wondering what kind of loving God would cause such terrible things to happen...and I'm not getting very far. But here's what I think. Maybe.

    I don't think God made the earthquake happen, any more than I think he made my high school friend's son have cancer. I don't think he chooses these things for us. I think they just happen, sometimes as a result of a fallen world full of sin, sometimes just as a natural earthly occurence. What God wants (I think) is for us to come to him in all things, good, bad, worrisome, beautiful, or awful. Only to be in a loving relationship with us.

    Even when our kids poop right smack out in the open, in the middle of his beautiful creation :)

  6. Thanks Sarah! I can always count on a smile inducing comment from you!


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