Thursday, January 21, 2010

What We Found At the Library

It's time for another trip to the library (or bookshelf)! Visit  
Sarah @ This Heavenly Life for more great book finds!

Tyler is now reading this series called Geranimo Stilton. It's about this little detective/journalist mouse that solves mysteries. I haven't actually read through and entire one yet, I am finding that as he gets older it's so much harder to pre read the books before he does. Thankfully, Dan is "in the know " on elementary level books so I think we got it covered until he goes to middle school. (shudder) 

Isaac begged to check this book out again. He just loves reading all the heroic endings by all the different animals and people. He's a sucker for a happy ending. (a child after my own heart!) This book provides just that in every story. It has almost every story, up to Lion King (I think that's the most recent in here), with pictures. It's a big book and he loves to carry it around, saying he has read the whole thing.

Nick is apparently on a book hiatus right now. He refuses to sit for even three seconds for a picture book. Even his favorite about Tractors. He jumps up, giggling, and runs (ok, duck waddles quickly) away. sigh, maybe next time......

Thanks, Sarah, for hosting!! 

disclaimer: the two books pictured here were found on

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  1. I think I'll have my hands full when my girls get to be reading age...I'm not sure I can handle the lack of control over what they're reading!

    Mia would love that Disney, collection, I'm sure.

    Thanks for participating, Emily!


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