Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wait, I want in on this magic too!!

Sarah at This Heavenly Life is hosting her first ever What We Found at the Library. I was so excited when she decided to this and even though we haven't been to the library this week, I pulled out our books from last week to add to the fun!! I couldn't miss out on this!!
Tyler is reading Junie B. Jones The Boss Of Lunch. He absolutely loves Junie B. and I can hear him laughing out loud when he reads it.

Isaac (who is currently lost in space-see here) checked out Geo Whiz by Susan Mondshein Tejada. It is a book from National Geographic Society that shows great pictures of the Earth and it's inhabitants. He also picked Lighting by Seymour Simon. He thouht this book was really cool with all the pictures of actual lightning striking (he also learned alot about lightning as I read the pages to him)

We picked up a few picture books for Nick, but mostly he likes the Dora board books we have here at home. He also likes the board books about colors. It feels like he is constantly bringing me a book to read with him!! (although, I am sure he isn't doing it as much as I think!)

Dan is reading Prayer by Phillip Yancey on his own and he is reading Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix to his students. He is also reading The Summer of 1787 By David O. Stewart.


I am reading an old favorite author ( I like to read his when I want to just enjoy a good story with a thought out story line) John Grisham. The book is called The Summons. I enjoy his books because I like reading about law and small town lawyers. His writing style is easy to get into and I can pick it up no matter where I left off or for how long and not feel lost!

Thanks Sarah for hosting this fun event and hopefully we will get to go to the library next week!!
You should all head on over and link up with her!!!

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  1. I'm so happy you linked up Emily! I love hearing all about your family's favorites :) That lightening book looks pretty neat -- I can't wait until Mia gets interested in certain subjects. Right now she just has fun with whatever's in front of her, for the most part.

    Thanks again for joining in :)

  2. Oh, I just read The Summons.
    Really really good.
    That lightening book looks really good too!


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