Friday, December 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes

It's Friday, It's Friday, time for quick posts (can you hear me singing!!)!

1. In a previous quick takes I discussed how I was trying to figure out all of the things you could do with your blog and some of my achievments, see it here. However, I am falling short when it comes to posting videos. I had this really cute little post about my kids post bath dance involving a show that we watch and can't do it now because I CAN"T get the video to link here!!!!! Am I missing brain cells or just IQ points in this area? It is so frustrating. Ok, enough of that little tantrum, moving on......

2. So I can't get this video to post. Ha!! Just kidding, bet you thought that I was going to continue slidding around on my soap box? Nope. Speaking of slidding though, I would really like to see some snow. Not a little, a lot. Enough to go slidding down our yard/hill. I am itching to build a snowman and make snow angels and snow ice cream. There is maybe a hint of snow in the forecast for sometime next week, but I am sure the weather man is just toying with my emotions. For now, we have to look at the decieving sun outside, begging us to play only to realize it's like 9 degrees. (not really, just feels like it)

3. Last night we dug out some of our favorite Christmas movies to start watching. We watch all the Tim Allen Santa Clause movies and Polar Express. We also go with the more traditional ones like Dr. Seuss version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Charlie Brown Christmas on TV. What do you like to watch during this season, do you have a family favorite??

4. Tommorow at church we have a Christmas Tea. This has become an annual event and I have driven down for it in the past. This will be my first year to contribute. Here's how it works. Anybody is invited to set a table, you set a full place setting with tea cups, saucers, salad plates, dinner plates, and silerware. It is beautiful. Each woman brings her own family history or collectors items to the "table". We all bring brunch type food (this is where I contribute) for a great feast! Each year there is a theme and some women read poetry, tell stories, or sing. I have to admit, it is a fullfilment of a childhood fantasy. A beautiful real live tea party. It is truly grand.

5. Like any mommy, I hate to see my children sad. This past week Tyler was invited to his first sleepover. He opted to not stay the entire night, we were set to pick him up late so he could have fun for a while. But then the little boy got sick. We received a phone call last night confirming that the party would be cancelled. Oh, I hated to tell him this bad news. How would he take it?? Would he cry or just say ok?? I knew he would be upset, he had been talking about this all week!! But I wasn't sure how he would take the news. Well, let us just say he did not take it well. The tears came as fast as his feet carried themselves to me for cuddling. At that moment I wished more than anything that I had some magical power that transferred emotion from one human to another. I would take on his pain. Instead I simply held him for a very long time, letting the tears bury themselves in my shirt. I wanted to bribe him with anything I could think of. A new IPod (which he has been coveting), a trip to New York City (the place he wants to visit most) , food, movies, anything to fix this thing I could not fix.  I felt so helpless. If only this moment could be an episode of Handy Manny and Manny with his cute talking tools could put my little boys heart back together. Alas, there are no such things and bribing will only teach Tyler to not deal with pain. So, instead, I held my first little baby in my arms whispering softly to him. This morning he seemed himself and he has moved on. If only I were as resilient as him. My heart still aches as I write this.

6. Because our children are a little older now, we have been able to start some different Christmas traditons around here. We decided to do a Family Fun Activity every night of advent. We are trying to say the word alot and talking more about what this time of year means for our family. What it means to our faith or better yet, what it means to the reason we have faith at all. Both Dan and I have felt convicted for a while now that we are not doing enough to teach our children about Jesus. We go to church and we each have our own growing realtionships as well as a relationship with Him as a couple. But teaching our kids what he is all about has not been in the forefront of our minds. We try to show them by how we behave and choices we make because of our faith, but talking about it is another story. So I am giving this question to all of you?? If you teach your children about God, how do you do it?? Do you discuss at family times or simply allow them to learn by watching you?? Do they ask questions??

7. This post took me entirely to long, and now my living room is covered in toys and I think a book has been ripped. I must go and save this house!! Have a great weekend and check out Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.

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