Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tea

I mentioned in my last Quick Takes that I was attending a Christmas Tea this weekend. Well, it was today and it was wonderful. Lots of food, music, food, and NO BOYS!!!! I will say that I was a little sad when I had to tell my sweet wonderful boys that they could not go with me. They promised they would be really careful with everyone's pretty china. Alas, I went alone. I loved being in the kitchen helping the ladies put out the food and arrange it so beautifully. Smiles and thank yous and giggles were flying in all directions, I couldn't take it all in at once. I must have circled the room ten times just looking at all the beautiful dishes. There was some things old, some things modern, and some things borrowed. (almost sounded like I went to a wedding there for a minute!!) We ate and drank yummy hot tea with saucers underneath, sang Christmas carols, ate some more and then it happened. Something that has always amazed me when ladies get together. I like to call it Clean Up Magic. It all happens so fast and so well and so cheerful, you would think they all had magical wands that they wave in the air and 'poof' it's clean and put away. I got to be a full fledged part of that magic this year, and there were large spans of time I felt I was in the way. I would just grab a dish towel and start wiping, a smile was sure to follow. I didn't have a magic wand, but I really think some of the other ladies did. We got it cleaned up quickly and everyone left with their to go boxes, empty holiday serving dishes, and boxes of china. What a day! I came home refreashed, full, and all giggled out. A good day with the ladies, and much needed I might add!

P.S. If anybody out there has one of these magic wands, could you please tell me where to get one, I would like it for my house!!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I had one of those wands too, so if you find out the secret let me know!


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