Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pat, I'll take space for a hundred..

Isaac has a new love. For so long, my unpredictable, imaginative, cuddle bug has been into whatever big brother was. It seemed diffucult to foster any likes of his own, he just always wanted to be like Tyler. I don't blame him, his big brother is the coolest kid I know. But we were a little concerned that Isaac wasn't creating his own likes apart from Tyler. Sure, he had a few things he enjoys (imaginext was the best thing ever invented for little boys!) but they all steemed from super heros Tyler likes. But now, he has found a love. An infatuation that can not be denied, not even for one day. It's space. Yep, the final frontier. We are on every day. We check out the image of the day and watch videos of "real astronaunts in real live space" doing interviews. More recently we have watched (more than once or even twice) the space shuttle Atlantis landing. We even caught (and this had to have been a miracle) the removing of the astronaunts from the shuttle pod (I hope I am using the right terms here) and placing them on strechers (apparently this is completly normal-something to do with their bodies returning to gravity). He was mesmorized by this newscast. We have also played on nasa kids (they have matching games and Buzz Lightyear games). I am overjoyed that he has found an interest all on his own. I love watching his brain get bigger every time we talk about it and even more, I love watching him retell what we talked about to his daddy." Someday", he says, "I will go to Saturn and see it's rings". I hope he does.

Here is Isaac on nasa kids club-look at that brain grow!!

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