Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You learn something new every day.

Do you send your spouse texts during the day? I do. From time to time I will send Dan a text, usually asking how his day is or telling him something cute one of the boys did. Today I sent this message.

Garbage disposal exploded. uuhhmmmmm.....maybe need fixed tonight

I don't know how your husband would react, but mine cracked up. I wish I would have had my camera on his face when he read it. His face probably scrunched up and his head cocked sideways, just trying to decide what "exploded" actually meant. I will tell you. It means that it blew open the doors under the cabinet and shot shredded chicken across the room slamming into the front of the oven. Water poured from every hole I could imagine and across the kitchen floor, threatning to overtake Nick (who is standing there just as shocked as me). We were both frozen, staring, just trying to decide what to do next.

And then laughter followed. Belly hurting, face freezing, eye watering, out loud laughter. I admit I am one of those people who will first laugh at the sight of a big mess before cleaning it. I think it's my way of proccessing such overwhelming and surprising events. At any rate, I cleaned it up and waited until my knight in plumber's pants came to my rescue. (not really, he wore what he had on to work and put the pipes back together all the while emptying more shredded chicken into the trash can). He is such a great guy!!

I did learn a VERY important lesson today. It is absolutely possible to overload a garbage disposal and once water starts coming back into the sink from the drain it is time to turn off the disposal and unclog it, it will not do it on it's own.

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  1. LOL!! As we speak, I'm on hold with Sears b/c my dishwasher is not wanting to work. It must be kitchen appliance upheaval day :)

    I'm glad Dan could get it fixed, and that you could laugh in the face of disgusting messes -- good traits to have!


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