Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One of those days

Do you ever have one of those days where you just wish you could crawl back into bed and start all over? I had one today, I should have known with the way it all started out. There was only one way it could go, and that was down.

This morning all three of my beautiful and usually very sleepy boys were all up before Dan and I. They had their light on and toys out, ready to go. Getting dressed was remarkably easy and quick. We were ready to go.

Well, they must have used up all their smiles and cheer before we walked out the door because it soon started. My middle son,  Isaac, has started to tell me he doesn’t like me and doesn’t want me to live with him and other hurtful things. (We have tried to talk to him and tell him how much he hurts our feelings and I have even tried to stop him before he says it..surely not  all of their traits are genetic, where would he learn that?)

This went on all day, every time I saw him. I just wanted to cry. What happened to my cuddle bug? The one who wanted to go everywhere with me?

So at home, Tyler has discovered sarcastic humor and repeating others for giggles. He thinks this is hilarious. I think it drives me crazy and fuels the fire I am usually trying to put out at the time. He also argues and gets so mad when we tell him no. About anything!!! We could tell him, no, don’t touch the hot stove it will burn you and he would be so mad!!

Also, (yeah there’s more, are you feeling sympathetic yet?) my sweet baby is beginning to have a personality of his own. This of course means he would like to be more independent than he is really ready for. This of course leads to screams and fits.

Oh, I feel crazy!!! Where did all these boys learn this and why do they all have to go through growing pains at once!!!!! Sometimes I wonder if I am missing something or not raising them right. You have to put on such a pretty face as a mom, show the world you have it all together and know what your doing. I have lots of education in early childhood and I STILL question myself. Constantly.

So I say to you and me…”this to will pass” ( i want you to notice the quote does not say WHEN it will pass…….)


I will admit I do feel better just getting it all out! Yeah for blogging!

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