Monday, September 7, 2009

My Trip to A Little Piece of Heaven

Today we took a trip to, what I like to call, a little piece of Heaven. It's my most favorite place to go. It's a book store. Preferably one with a small coffee shop inside. Today we visited Barnes and Noble. As I walked through the isles of books, all begging to be read, I began to wonder how I would choose.
How does one choose a book? Most would say a reccomendation from a trusted source would be all they need. others might say it's the cover art that makes the book jump into their arms. Or maybe it is a favorite author. I like to try something new. An author I have never heard of, a book with minimal cover art so I am not prejudice when reading, or perhaps one I saw in the hands of another shopper.
Today I wondered the isles just thinking about the books and the authors that write them. About their lives, families, and how they got that book published in the first place.
I ended up just purchasing a Halloween edition of one of my favorite magazines and left that little piece of Heaven with a small feeling of joy in my heart. Ahhh, bookstores.

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  1. Hey Emily! I'm so excited to read your blog! And yes, I believe we have a similar opinion of heaven - one big, giant bookstore :) I have to admit, though - I totally judge a book by it's cover! I'm bad about that, but I always seem to find rather good books, so maybe my strategy is sound ;)

    I'm so excited to keep reading about your life in a place that's Targetless...HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE?!


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