Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is it me or is it you??

There are a few things about this recent move I do not like. The obvious being the closest Target is over an hour away and there is only a subway in the local gas station to feed my fast food addiction (this may actually be a good thing!).
But for the most part I have really liked my new town. The one thing I am most disliking is my job. I am doing the same thing I have done for over 6 years. I enjoy it. It's fine. It's not the work. It's the people. I feel like I have stepped back in time many years to high school. I am getting the polite 'how are you' smiles, the nods as I walk past, and the avoidance on the playground. I feel like I have leprosy. Am I really that unapproachable or are they just plain snobby??

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