Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Momma, are we at the top yet?"

Today we took a trip in the Jimmy. This is my husbands 1993 GMC Jimmy with no muffler. We decided to explore the local mountain with trails called Caney Mountain. We promised the boys an exciting trip to the top of a real mountain.

So we drove through a few trails trying to find one particular spot we knew of that had an amazing view. After a few wrong turns and a very steep drive in four wheel drive we arrived.

It was beautiful. Tyler was excited and trying to climb everything his feet could touch. Isaac was taking it all in with his eyes. Nick was excited to simply be out of his car seat. All was well. We had some snacks and water and then decided the boys could explore some nearby rocks. That's when it happened. Apparently there was a nest of some sort of bee like insect and one stung Isaac. Right under his chin. He started to scream and jump and wail. "owwwwww, don't touch it! Owwwwwwww" Oh I wish I could have been stung and not him. He was so upset.

Well, at that point we decided our tour had better be over this time and we would plan to come back. In the car I remembered an old wives tail I had heard my mother-in-law tell me once about stings. You can put a penny on it and it will take the sting out and the swelling down. It worked!!! Isaac fell asleep with that penny under his chin laying his head against his big brother. Tyler fell asleep against the window and we drove home with the windows rolled down. Dan and I looked over and smiled at each other enjoying our happy little family. Another wonderful little adventure!

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