Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Funnyness

My kids are always saying things I think are just hilarious and they often don't warrant an entire post. I have gathered a few here for your enjoyment.

At a restaraunt my husband had something called fried mandu (spelling could be wrong) and we were discussing what it might taste like when Tyler offered this explanation: 

Did they fry a man using the bathroom?

Isaac: What's inside my belly button?


Nick: ball ball ball (much cuter when you hear it, but I just couldn't bear to leave him out!)

Tyler: Teacher aren't super heroes
Daddy: Yes they are, if there were not teachers how would you learn?
Tyler: The Internet


Isaac: When I put on my sunglasses all the girls will scream and hug me, but don't worry, momma, they are just my friends.


Tyler's teacher: If I have 9 dogs and they all have two ears, how many ears do you think I will have?
Tyler: 18...That's multiplication....It's 9 groups of 2


Nick: Tdown (touchdown-arms raised in the air)


Tyler: My butt just burped!


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