Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent and Sunshine

The sun peaked at me through closed blinds this morning, shinning just enough to arouse me from my sleep. The sun hasn't shone here (for more than five minutes) in 6 days. My husband also went back to work today after being sick for three whole days. I don't remember the last time that man was sick for that long. It is also the first day the house has been somewhat clean (by that I mean, toys put away!) in two weeks. AND I am getting to sit quietly on the computer while the two little ones are eating breakfast. AND the Olympics are on. Ahhh, it's great to see the sunshine.

It's also the beginning of Lent. I like this day because it seems to always come at a time when I am needing a refresher. A reminder of what Jesus did and the grace I am given because of it. Please don't think I am saying that Ash Wednesday falls every year according to my emotional calendar, I realize it doesn't, but it's great that it works out that way for me. My desire for a closer, more daily relationship with Him has made this year different somehow. I feel a definite pull to spend time in prayer, not just my usual drive bys asking for patience and better time management. So this Lent season I plan on giving more of my time to Him. More clock time.

Good News- The sun is still shinning outside!! Oh Happy Day!!


  1. "Drive by" prayers is the perfect description of what I've been trying to get out of lately! Thanks for putting a name to it!

  2. We have sunshine here too! I walked outside this morning and felt like spring was just around the corner...shining like a beacon in the dark night :) Now if only we could do something about this cold....

  3. I gave up my farming game... it is good to remember that I am getting something though: time with him!


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