Thursday, December 31, 2009

Everything I need to know I learned in 2009

Ok, so not completely true, but I did gain some serious skills in 2009. Here is a quick (and I do mean quick, I only have 7!) recap...

1. I learned that if you force my boys to do arts and crafts with you they will inevitably draw somebody dying or a super battle that ends the world.

2. I now have the skill of pre cooking and freezing. Not that I didn't poses this skill before, I have now used it!

3. I learned that living with your mother in law while you look for a house has its advantages. (I cook, she cleaned- I got the better end of that deal!!)

4. I have the skill of dying correctly. I know how to slow motion fall and stick my tongue out while saying "nnnnnnooooooooo". (thanks to my boys for imparting this wisdom on me!)

5. I now know that I can wash dishes, clothes, two boys in a tub, AND fix my hair at the same time. (that is some serious multi tasking skills)

6. I can live without eating out for more than two weeks (this has been a great asset to my health!)

7. I learned how to down size into a bigger house.

8. I learned to blog!!

9. I learned some times moving away from your comfort zone can be scary, exciting, nerve wreaking, and helpful all at the same time.

10. The very most important thing I learned this year is this:
I am a mommy of all boys. Therefore my life does and always will consist of wrestling, guns, people dying, shouting, balls of all shapes and sizes flying through the air, stories of monsters and aliens, and lots of love.  And I love it. And I accept the challenge of another exciting and change full year.

Have a Happy New Year!!

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