Friday, December 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes

It's Friday and time for Quick Takes. Normally I love this part of the week, but this has been a very boring week around my life so it may be short.....

1. There is still no snow at my house. This makes me sad.

2. I have been spending most of my time scourring the internet looking for things to do that will challenge my five year old's mind. He is watching tv while I do this. (something seems very wrong with this picture)

3. The sun is shinning at my house right now, but it's a trick, it is not warm.

4. A friend of mine posted this link on her facebook. I thought these guys were funny (and best of all, clean) so I will atempt (again this week) to attach a video. If I can't, I don't have a backup number four so I will just type the link.

I couldn't get the image but I right clicked on this link and it seemed to work for me. Hope it works. If not, you can find them on you tube, that is where this link is from.

5. Speaking of Youtube, I think the commercial with the carolers in the mall singing about spending to much money is hilarous. I wish I was at the mall when they filmed that.

6. I think I will use this one to plug another blogger. Sarah at This Heavenly Life wrote a beautiful retelling of her first child's birth. She is an excellent mother, one I would like to imitate if I had girls!But, alas, I have rowdy, loud, everybody is going to die in this scene, boys. (now do you see why I must scour the internet)

7. Speaking of my boys, I feel that I must give them a plug every friday. Yes, I admit, I find myself lost in boyness almost every day. I played barbies and read books and played house. I never once was a pirate that shot cannons and killed people with volcanos. I feel overwhelmed with the amount of violence they play. They don't usually hit each other, they just talk the talk. But I worry my lack of experience in the boy world will lead to mommy mistakes.
Ok, enough of my pity party, here is something positive we did. One night we sat on the couch and took turns telling parts of a Christmas story. (ground rules were laid) I wish I would have written it down. A Chrsitmas cat and mouse were taught the true meaning of Christmas and how to be giving. Lots of fun!!

Well, I made it through all seven, have a great week. Don't forget to stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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  1. You are so sweet, Emily! I had a wonderful time remembering all the details of Mia's birthday to write the story, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    'Everybody's going to die in this scene.' Hehe. Rest assured that if I ever have a boy-child, you will get an earful of my lack of boy-knowledge. I'm more for the tea parties and book reading. Wrestling frightens me! So, you're not alone :)


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