Monday, November 9, 2009

An unexpected absence

I have had an unintentional break from the computer this weekend. I have been reading how many of you took intentional breaks and have had great experiences. Well, my husband took off with the laptop this past weekend, so I was on hiatous (hopefully I spelled that right!). All in all it was nice. We slept and lounged and watched movies and slept and lounged. We went for a walk and then slept and lounged some more!! Ok, that is not ALL we did. We did attend what I am calling my first real bonfire/hayride. More on that later. I did miss out on Quick Takes hosted at Conversion Diary. Bummer, I have such a good time writing those!!
You know what I didn't miss out on this weekend? Three beautiful sunrises. Yep. Our bedroom glass doors face the east and therefore the sun rises before my eyes (that are most often still in bed) every morning. Since there are no neighbors back there I have not covered them with curtains (yet), the morning sun just comes streaming in every day. I was so excited to share the beautiful sunrise with my husband this morning. They have just seemed so perfect. (you will have to take my word on it, my camera is not within reach from my bed!) We woke up this morning and there was no sun. Cloudy. Beautiful all on it's own, but not the ornage and red I had been hoping for. Well, let that be a lesson. Beauty is fleeting. I think I have even heard that somewhere before.
Well, we had a great weekend and I didn't even notice the absence of the computer, but I am enjoying it's return!!

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  1. I'm jealous of your eastern windows! But only in MY room...if those were in the kids rooms, I don't think I could stand them being woken by a beautiful sunrise when all I want is for a few more minutes before the day begins.

    That sounds so selfish...

    Don't worry. You will have many many mornings to hope for a sunrise to share with your husband :) What a great way to start the day!


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