Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Coming,,,,,Thanksgiving..... did you remember????

Thanksgiving is coming and it's been on my mind. Normally Thanksgiving is a "tremor" to Christmas. A precursor to the big one. But this year I have had this nagging feeling that it needs to be something more. Why?? I have no idea. It is not a holiday our faith celebrates for any special reason, other than to give extra thanks that day, so why all the worry so suddenly??
Let's skip that question, I really have no idea. I do know that I must follow the nagging feelings (they always know something). So tonight at dinner I told everyone that every night from now until Thanksgiving we would say something we are thankful for and you can't repeat what you said the night before. I don't know what this will accomplish. Hopefully just an awareness of the holiday and our interpretation of it's meaning. But I still feel like something is missing. There are no special items to wear and  no cookies to bake like the two holidays it's sandwich between. It seems it should be an important holiday. But it's placement leaves us using it as a much needed breather from Halloween and before Christmas. A defining point in time (the end of fall colors and decorations and the beginning of the Christmas season and winter wonderlands). This year I will make it more. I will find a way to teach (or at the very least, expose) our kids to why it is important. Maybe it will help us to voice why we are so thankful on a much more regular basis. Or maybe it will simply ward of the nagging feeling in my belly.
At any rate, my excitement for Christmas will have to be put away on a shelf in my mind and the anticipation for early decorating be kept in check. Thanksgiving, here we come!!

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