Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ultimate Cleaning Day

Our  school here was cancelled for the next day and a half (they are out friday for conferences anyway) due to do many kids being gone or sent home for “flu like symptoms”. That could mean anything but there is a real scary part about actually getting H1N1 and being really sick, especially when you have such little kiddos. I applaud our school for it’s efforts. They began by hiring someone to clean all day while the kids were doing specials (that’s what they call P.E., music, and art now, I know it took me a while too). They also shut off the water fountains so the kids would not put their mouths on them, then they shut off the water faucets in the bathrooms so the kids would not touch the germy handles. They then gave all the teachers a supply of GermX and dixie cups to use in the classroom after they go to the bathroom or need a drink. Some teachers just let the kids take water bottles to keep at their desks.

Well, I have never been afraid of germs or letting my kids get them, but I figured I better clean pretty good since so many were sick and Tyler did have a  bit of a cough. So thus began “The Ultimate Cleaning Day”.


We begin……


Not the best start, maybe they need some encouraging!!


Right idea, wrong place!


Now we got the idea!!


That’s my boy!!!


Now we’re cleaning!!


He loves to clean!! (not really, just wanted to vacuum)


And we are done.

It took over an hour and a half to do all that. Not bad considering how we started or that Dan and I did most of the work. But it was as fun. Well, as fun as cleaning can be anyway.


  1. I didn't think it was very fun.

  2. I can't believe you got ALL of that done in 90 minutes! I think that'd take us an entire weekend to accomplish! But, I have to admit, if Justin helped, we'd be done alot quicker :) Good work!

    I keep seeing all kinds of Facebook updates about people with the flu - kinda worrisome. Maybe time to start stockpiling ? :D


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