Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I discovered a new part of my middle son's humor. We were coloring at the table when he said " Look momma, a beehive"
Knowing something was going to happen, yet very unsure of what, I looked.
"Ha, Ha, Ha.....there is no beehive. See Momma, I looked and there was no beehive, so I told you there was. Let's tell jokes."
This followed with a good while of joke telling. He asked me a question (why did the chicken cross the road?) and I was to answer. The joke was that I got it wrong, every time. It was so much fun to watch his face when I answered!

2. It has rained here, a lot. And it has been cold. So the joy of my deck has not been fully felt yet. Bummer. Here is a pic of the view on a good day.

3. In observation of the coming holiday, one I really enjoy, we have gotten out all of our kids Halloween movies and are going to have a fest. It's great. Movie Night.

4. My youngest son has found the joy of golf. He uses anything he can as a putter and spends minutes playing and perfecting his shot.

5. My brain seems to be mush more often these days than I remember it being when I worked and had much less time to devote to thinking. I wonder why that is????

6. It seems I am having  a hard time coming up with seven things. Mine are the 7 expedited takes this week!!

7. My newest book addiction is C.S. Lewis. I am reading "Mere Christianity" right now and loving it. I think his writing style takes some getting used to, but his logic and theology are right on for me.

Well, for a first timer, I made it through!! Enjoy your week!

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  1. My 'quick' takes always take me longer than any other post to write - I like your expedited takes! Have a good weekend! Your halloween movies sound fun :)


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