Thursday, February 4, 2010

What We Found At the Library

Sarah @ This Heavenly Life hosts this great book finding get together every other week. Check her out and join in the fun!!

We didn't make it to the library this past week, due in part to the amount of snow we received and my laziness. But! Thanks to Daddy, we ordered books from a book order, man I loved those as a kid. It was like Christmas every month!

This was Mommy's favorite. It's an adorable short book about dust bunnies who rhyme. Bob, the blue dust bunny seems to be the only one paying attention and keeps trying to warn the others of brooms and vaccumm cleaners. The other dust bunnies think he just doesn't know how to rhyme and continue with their game. The pictures are bright, very few words on each page so it keeps you moving.


This is Isaac's favorite pick. It holds very little literary value, but for a star wars enthuist, it's the be all end all. The pictures are very detailed and every one is made of legos! This book is super cute and our second Star Wars dictionary to grace it's presence in our home. Long live Yoda!!

Tyler and I have begun reading this book each night. I was struggling to find a book that would capture his imagination and be a good read aloud book. This does it. He is already really into it and we haven't even made it out of Diagon Alley!! I realize there is lots of controversy surrounding the wizard/witches, but feel that we put enough realism behind our faith and are able to teach him that this is not real, he will be just fine. He is excited to finish the book in hopes we will let him watch the movie (jury is still out on that).

I am lost the text book dungeon these days and have very little time for enjoyment reading. Not that I don't like the things I am  being forced to read, but would like my free will back to choose!! 

Dan is reading this Michael Crichton book. I bet it's really good!!
Thanks again, Sarah, for hosting!!

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  1. I LOVE book orders! Such good selections for so little $$! Is it weird that there are no Star Wars dictionaries here, but we do have a Barbie dictionary...

    And I've read Dan's book! It was pretty good...not my usual genre, but I accidentally picked it up at a cousin's house and got tugged in by the first several pages. I couldn't stop then :) Still, I prefer some Jane Austen any day.

    Thanks so much for participating, Emily!


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