Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Treat!

With all the snow we got (we got three more inches after I took this pic)

We decided to make Snow Ice Cream!!


  1. Ahh, so snow is good for something!

  2. I have honestly never heard of this. Sounds like fun, and it's good to know that all this blessed snow we've had can more than just a nuisance!

  3. My brother and I used to ALWAYS make snow ice cream! Mine were usually very simple...some sugar, a splash of milk, a drop of vanilla or squeeze of chocolate syrup. But Eric's were always crazy...some sprinkles of cinnamon, green food coloring, orange juice...seriously, I can't even remember all the wierd things he tried. Just over Christmas, he was pumped because he got to make some. This time -- as an adult -- he added Bailey's. I have to say, it was actually good :)


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