Sunday, December 20, 2009

A White Christmas, maybe.

Every year I get my hopes up for a beautiful and enchanted white Christmas. What I usually get, on a very lucky Christmas, is kind of cold, sunny, and very little snow, if at all. I remember having white Christmas' as a kid, don't I?? Or was that another instance of "it looked huge when I was little, but now it's not so big". This year, my expectations are a little more realistic. I know the temperature will fall somewhere in the 40s and there will most likely be sun, and there will probably be no sign of snow.

But am I still hopeful??


Maybe, just maybe, there will be some snow on the ground to crunch under my feet as we load up our van with gifts and kids, heading to see family. I still believe.

(This is not really my house by the way! I just wanted a pretty picture of a house with snow.)

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