Monday, December 7, 2009

Selfish Mommy Report

Up to this point my kids have all been excellent nappers. My oldest would nap well after his 6th birthday on the weekends. But now, it seems, my napping days are over. My glorious me time, where I blog, read, relax, stare into space, and take a breather are all slipping away. My middle son (who just turned 5 in Oct.) is just not falling asleep. The old tricks are not working, he is simply not tired. His body no longer seems to need the mid day rest no matter how much I try to convince him. He is not misbehaving or trying to stay up, he lays down and closes his eyes. Then nothing. It is just not like him. When he is ready to do something, it's done. I have even stooped to bribing. I know, I should be kicked out of Mommy Club for this act alone, but what was I to do???? I desperately didn't want to lose my selfish time....
Oh well, time for the next phase in childhood. Remember the sweet sleepy times and cherish the awake fun times, right???? (but I do mourn over you, alone time.)


  1. Don't let go of your alone time yet! You can still mandate a 'quiet time' if he'll do it. On the days when Mia won't nap, I just pick a few quiet toys for her to play with, close the door to her room, and let her play. That time alone, without being pestered by little sis, is valuable for her, and restful for me :) Maybe it'll work for you too?

  2. Katherine hasn't napped for ages, but she has a very regular quiet time every day. She either plays with toys in her room, looks at picture books, colors by herself, or (treat of all treats!) she gets to watch a movie. Maybe something like that would work?

    Good luck!

  3. Oh, I don't know what I would do without nap time!! :)


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