Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our regularly schedule program will return next week....

Today was our Children's Christmas Program. It was adorable. I had been asked to write a narrative of the Christmas Story and then ended up in charge of the whole thing. Oh, my nerves were alive this morning as I walked through doors to face the kids. I had some really good people helping me, or should I say doing it for me as I became a chicken with no head. All in all it was beautiful, the kids circled baby Jesus (with out being told to) and it looked like a moment from history. I could just imagine this scene in real life (minus the jeans and costuming we had!). The angels so excited their wings couldn't stop fluttering, the shepards unable to keep the secret, the Magi in all their magesty coming to a stable to worship a king. Despite my frantic mind this morning, I feel refreashed and more focused on the true meaning of this season. I feel a hunger to dig deeper and find out more, more than what we are taught as kids. Who were the Magi? How powerful were they really? The shepards, Gabriel, how many people were their in the stable, lets dig a little deeper.

 I promise pictures soon of my adorable angel and shepard. For now, it's bedtime. Good Night!

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  1. Oh! The Magi! I've seen a couple of books about them that looked interesting. The first is more of a research into the history of some sort of secret-society-like organization the Magi were a part of. The second is a novel, one Jen of Conversion Diary recommended a while back. I'd love to get my hands on it, so if you get it, let me know what you think:


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