Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Trip

Today I was an eye witness to a sinking ship being saved, a monster getting clean, and a water tornado all before I even got dressed. Yup. Nick and I (and any other poor soul that spoke to my five year old today) were wisked away to a fun filled world called Isaac Land. That is what we refer to it around here. It's a magical place where monsters are scary and your best friend, bad guys always lose because of your awesome "orginal karate moves", and your words don't actually have to make sense as long as you say "It's really like this" before your sentence.
It's a place I visit often. It's taxing on the brain, chaotic, and the laws change about every time you blink. Rock, Paper, Scissors is the judical system in Isaac Land. It is the final judge on all matters of importance. Isaac, the king, is always right. Even if he changes his mind.
 This is not a democracy, it's an Issac-ocracy. It has one supreme ruler who will be happy to kick you out of Isaac Land if you don't follow the rules. You can always come back, though, when you say please or if you happen to be the Hulk (or any other super hero for that matter).

I enjoyed my day in Isaac Land. Nick and I had lots of fun hearing stories and sometimes being the stories. Although we didn't always know it!! But, it is great to be back here, in Mommy Land. A restful place where music matches the mood and pillows are soft. Where babies (no matter what age) are sleeping peacefully under the soft glow of christmas lights hung in their rooms. Where Daddy's come and stay to chat, hold us, and laugh about our visit to Isaac Land. I love Mommy Land, but I know that tommorow will bring another visit to Isaac Land. And I will love it.


  1. You HAVE had a busy day :) Don't you love being home with your kids?!

  2. I do!! But I will admit it is way more of a challenge than working, at least for me!!

  3. Sounds like you're quite busy over there! If you get a break from karate kicks and pirates, would you mind sharing your email address with me? We want to send out a first email for our virtual book club! You can send it to me at thatmarriedcouple@gmail.com. Thanks! Hope you're having another fun day today!


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