Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maybe Santa needs a second job this year......

Last night for our Advent Family Fun Activity, we wrote letters to Santa. Nick scribbled on his page babbling happily in my lap, Isaac asked how to spell words and drew pictures of what he wanted, and Tyler....well....Tyler wrote a LIST. Not I would like this and this, he purposely picked different things to ask for on this letter than the one he had written at school. 

Uhmmm.....Tyler......Santa won't be able to bring you everything you ask for, he has to buy for other kids too.

 No, momma, Santa doesn't buy toys, he makes them, so he doesn't have to worry about how much they cost. (oh, crap. now what do I say??) 

Well, your right. But he may not bring you all of those things (just to let you know what was on hsi list: I Pod, Leapster 2, Dirt bike, Tony Hawk bike, and the list goes on!)

 So, he is 7. I knew someday he would want lots of things, and I was going to be prepared for that day. Well, I was not. It seems to all be happening to fast. 
We finnished our letters and put them in envelopes. They are on thier way to the North Pole now 'wink, wink' , to Santa's workshop. It was fun, of course, it's always fun to do stuff together. I find this especially true, now, with one in school during the day.

Isaac was concentrating very hard! Look at that Tyler smile, it's the best.

Yup, we let him have crayons. Yup, we clean crayon off walls and floors. It's worth it.

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